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The Khordz Story

Coffee, lots of coffee…

Knots, lots of knots…

Fun, tons and tons of fun!

Khordz designer, Daniel Fontius, loves coffee. He also loves the ocean. Unfortunately, his love for coffee and coffee shops was having a negative impact on the ocean. He sometimes finds himself at one, two, or even three different coffee shops a day. He has always felt guilty about the number of single-use cups and lids he has consumed in his life, since he picked up the habit at the age of 10.

In July of 2013, Daniel and his partner Krista Harris, were presented with a challenge... to cut out as much single-use plastic as possible from their lives for one month. At the top of the list of worst pollution offenders was Daniel's favorite, the to-go coffee cup lid… bummer! So, they decided to commit to the challenge. In order to do this, they started toting their favorite to-go mugs that Daniel had fashioned the year before out of some leftover venetian blind cord and empty honey jars. (At the time Daniel was really into tying knots, having just returned from a sailing excursion in the Caribbean.) As it turned out, the leftover blind cord was the perfect length for making a hand-wrapped sleeve and handle. The design has been a huge hit (having now gone through several prototypes). Daniel and Krista constantly receive comments and requests from friends and strangers. Thus, Khordz was born!


Handmade Mugs That Make a Difference

The goal of Khordz is to get others excited about keeping plastic out of landfills, off the beach, and out of the ocean. We aim to help support those that make it their mission to protect the ocean and ensure that everyone can enjoy the beauty and resources it offers.

Khordz mugs are also a handy companion for the adventurer and outdoor enthusiast. You can do a lot with a jar and 25 ft. of paracord. Some of our favorites are the handy snare trap, hanging your hammock, tying up hyper siblings, suspending your bear canister from a tree, clothes lines, and the fire starter bow! Stay tuned... we will be adding videos that highlight the many uses of Khordz mugs!


The Khordz Mission

We’re Khordz. We live simple and sustainable lifestyles that keep us in touch with our roots right here in coastal California. We take care in producing individual, hand crafted, multi-purposed drinkware that allows us to stay connected through what some may consider unexpected means. We don’t always know where we’re going, but we know what we need to take with us. We keep our products close to our hearts, crafted with the individual and the environment in mind.

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