• Image of Khordz Mug Navy Blue - 24oz - Wide Mouth

Our 24oz Khordz mugs contain everything you need to survive! Their hand-wrapped sleeve and hand-tied handle provide a comfortable and sturdy grip and arms you with 35 feet of handy Paracord. The colorful ergonomic design and durable easy-to-clean glass feels at home in your hands and ready go anywhere. In fact, you should never leave home without it. With a Khordz mug at you side you have the wherewithal to take your Joe-to-go or build a fire starter bow.

Pick up a Khordz hand tied mug and join us in our mission of reducing the amount of plastic (especially coffee cups and lids) that ends up in the trash, landfills, beaches and eventually the ocean.

Dishwasher/Microwave Safe

Made in the U.S.A.